Here are my recommendations for building new customer relationships.

If your business has a strong customer base, then they will become more and more profitable for your company. Think for the moment about the possibility one customer can bring to your company if you have a long-term relationship with them. For example, that one customer trusts you and start recommending your brand, products, and services. Let’s say that he can bring three additional customers to your small business. If you continue to build the long-term relationship with them, and the results of such a process are the same as from your first customer, you will get nine new customers.


Don’t expect to sell them something from the first time you meet them. I have seen many entrepreneurs make a mistake on their first meeting with potential customers. They simply try to sell them something without previously to try to build the long-term relationship with them. Don’t make such a mistake.

Be patient when it comes to building the long-term customer relationship. You really need patience. Sometimes building the long-term relationship with customers will require more time than you think. But, believe me, it will be worth for you and your small business.

Educate your customers and your staff. Your business includes your staff members. They need to prepare themselves for the different customer relationship you want they build with your customers.

Create an offer and give them various offers can choose from. Your offer is something that will be evaluated by your customers. If they cant chose from different options, or your offer is not adjustable according to their different needs, they will abort all relationships with your company.

Reward your biggest customers. Develop a different reward system for your most important customers.

Respect them. Respect your customers if you want to be respected entrepreneur and company.

Be honest. Remember that honesty is one of the most important things you need when it comes to your customer.

Use contact or feedback form on your website. The contact form or feedback form on your website is something you must have. Give an easy option for your current or potential customers to contact you.

Inform them in timely about most important things in your company. You need to continuously inform them and stay in contact with your customers. If you don’t do this, they will easily forget you and your company.

Implement two-way communication channels in all your communication tools. Probably you already use different communication channels to communicate with your customers.

Use social media to stay in touch with potential customers. You probably already know about the power of social media when it comes to reaching and building the relationship with customers. Find where they are and become part of their social media presence.

Ask for ideas about possible improvements to your products and services. Customers have their secrets, and if you don’t ask them, they won’t tell you.

Start using surveys to get feedback from your customers. You can simply use surveys and questionnaires to get valuable information from your customers

Remember the 80/20 Rule to identify your most valuable customers. Think of things you can offer that will really make them feel special.

Keep a detailed and up to date database to track your communication, your sales and what your customers tell you. You need to organize and use this data.

Make your customers feel safe. It is important to do everything you can to make your prospects and clients feel that they can relax and trust you. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be friendly.

Build your business on trust. Trust is important for the development of strong and long-term customer relationship.

Tell them about products and services that you’ve improved and ask for their feedback. Tell them what you have done and ask for their feedback.

Contact them regularly. Contact your customers on regular basis. You don’t want they forget you.

Listen to your customers. Listening is the most important thing in building the long-term relationship with your customers. You will learn many things about them.

Ask them for their opinions. Remember that you are building the long-term relationship. So, ask them for their opinions when you can.

Thank Them. Always thanks them for their purchases. As part of your keeping customers loyal, write thank you note or a small gift.

Understand them.Your job as an entrepreneur is to understand your customers. If you listen to them, and understand their needs and wants you will succeed as an entrepreneur.

Educate them about differences between your business and your competitors. Educate about different things related to your business and your competitors.

Create a customer satisfaction policy. Use customer satisfaction policy to provide quick ways for a solution to their problems.

Be a good problem solver. You need to understand that your business exists to solve your customer’s problems. So, do your job.

Educate your customers and your staff. Your business includes your staff members. They need to prepare themselves for the different customer relationship you want they build with your customers.

Invest in employees who are the best. Your business needs the best people. Your customers want to be with the best. So, invest in the best people to be the part of your small business.

Equip your employees adequately to do their jobs. Be sure that your business has the best equipment to satisfy the customers. Make sure your sales people are constantly being trained so they know how to deal with any situation that comes up