About Coaching

What Is A Coach?

A professional coach is someone who can help you ignite your potential! A Coach facilitates critical new insights, enabling you to set targeted goals and take deliberate action. Coaching assists you in seeing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. It challenges you to accomplish more and to contribute more.

A small business coach helps you with strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about your business. Coaching and consulting helps you:

  • Increase revenue and create steady profits
  • Learn specific marketing and business skills
  • Expand your reach and find new customers
  • Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your business
  • Boost clarity about your business vision and big projects
  • Create sustainable motivation and accountability
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed

A Coach Is Someone Who:

– Helps you break through limiting fears and beliefs
– Encourages you to pursue your dreams
– Helps you problem solve and find solutions
– Keeps you focused and motivated
– Supports you in all you do!

A  professional coach is a professional trained to help people figure out what they want most from business and life, and how to achieve it. Think of it as hiring your own personal “life consultant.” Most of us already have ideas on what areas of our lives we would like to change or improve: career, relationships, health and fitness (or possibly all of these). Rather than dispense generic advice, a Coach will listen to your individual needs, and work with you in the development of a specific plan of action. As a result, you will set and achieve bigger and better goals. Having a Coach challenges you to do more than you would have done on your own, and provides the tools, support and structure that ensures your success!

Coaching is exciting, challenging, focused, and a very creative partnership between you and your business coach. Coaching is about preparing you for your life and business now and for the future. It’s about helping you define your goals and achieving them. You know your business better than anyone else, but we  will help you focus and stay focused on growing your business and reaching your goals. Accessible Business Consultants will work with you to define your needs, narrow the scope of the problem area(s), and propose a consulting engagement that is designed specifically for your company. All consulting services are available on a project basis, monthly agreement, or hourly fee basis.

Benefits of Coaching

1.  You get personal time to focus on YOUR needs, goals, concerns and priorities every session.

2.  Having a coach will bring you new insights and options regarding your challenges you face so moving past them will be easier. As Your coach I will be your biggest cheerleader!

3.  You will become more productive, efficient, effective, and more results oriented. Week after week you will accomplish things and the feel the pride that comes with that!

4.  You become really CLEAR about what you really want, and what you really need to do to get there. As your coach, I will always hold you accountable, while we map out a strategy to get you where you want to be.

5.  I will challenge you to eliminate and/or minimize the distractions, the frustrations, fears of life. We will work together so they don’t waste your time and energy, and hold you back.

6.  You will learn to simplify things and take control so you can be more productive. While we work we will also focus on the things you are grateful for so you feel better week after week.

7.  We will clarify your values and live with greater purpose, clarity and integrity. This will result in feeling like every day is a new adventure to be grateful for!

8. You will speak with greater more confidence and more power.

8.  Your relationships will improve. You will expect a higher level of intimacy, honesty and respect from those around you. And, you will set boundaries so that your needs are met, while honoring the needs and boundaries of others.

9.  Life will be easier and richer. Expect that, with me as your personal coach, your quality of life will be so much richer. You will feel happier, work harder, play more, and do it all with a level of relaxed enthusiasm that is constant for you.

10.  Once you have reached your goals and dreams we will work together so you can maintain them. You will live a satisfying, fulfilling and challenging life by your design.

What Are Some of the “Results” You May Experience by Having Us As Your Coach?

Coaching Can Help You:

– Improve your relationships
– Make more money
– Grow your business
– Become more profitable
– Solve problems and challenges
– Plan for success
– Set and achieve goals
– Get clear on what you want
– Push through limiting fears
– Reduce stress
– Improve communication skills and relationships
– Gain more self-confidence
– Design the fulfilling business and  life
– Develop strategies
– See other possibilities
– Stay focused on what’s important in your life
– Consistently take action
– Dream big

What Are Some of the “Benefits” You May Experience by Having a Coach?

Coaching will help you feel:

– Supported-Like you’re not alone
– Encouraged
– Inspired
– Motivated
– Listened to
– Understood
– Confident
– Successful

  • Shows you each step of the way to formulate your own success system
  • Positive mental attitude, increasing self image and self confidence
  • Rather than just an audio tape or a book, the Program will be with you every step of the way offering you guidance and ideas
  • Offers practical techniques
  • Tailor made to your unique needs and goals
  • Finding out what you want and your true calling
  • Increasing your earning potential and eliminating debts
  • Healthy and meaningful relationships
  • Discovering your creativity and talents
  • Managing your time well
  • Eliminating procrastination
  • Tapping your intuition and higher intelligence
  • Eliminate negative habits and shortcomings
  • Develop positive habits and excellence
  • Getting into action
  • Achieving health and happiness
  • Increasing sales and productivity
  • Creative thinking and overcoming obstacles
  • Advancing in career, enjoying the work
  • Improving leadership, communication and people skills
  • Personal, financial and business success

General Coaching Overview Steps

Step One: Getting To Know You and Your Dreams & Goals

Step Two: Identify Obstacles & Strengths

Step Three: Explore Possibilities

Step Four: Plan Specific And Step By Step Actions

Step Five: Clarify Results

Step Six: Taking The Next Steps

Our Weekly Coaching Conversation

Each week you will email me your homework the day before your session. The coaching conversation provides the structure to our coaching process. The goal of this conversation is to move a client from where he or she is to a desired future state. The conversation consists of six steps:

Step One: Discuss last week

Step Two: Clarify what was accomplished, what you enjoyed

Step Three: Identify Obstacles

Step Four: Explore New Possibilities

Step Five: Plan Actions For You To Move Forward

Step Six: Recap the Plan For This upcoming week

Characteristics of Our Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship is a safe one free from judgment on the part of the coach. The relationship is completely confidential. The relationship is spacious and involves all areas of the client’s life but focuses in your business. The relationship unleashes possibilities specifically for you. The relationship is honest. Coaching is a place where the truth can be told. The relationship holds the client accountable.

The TSE Group will look at the big picture and help you map out a plan of action that will help you get your business to where you envision it to be.

Are You Asking – Do I Need Coaching?

Isn’t it time that you earned more, worked less, and enjoyed a richer life? Ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s time for you to call Growth Coach and start achieving greater success, freedom and fulfillment.

  • Are my marketing efforts taking me to my goals?
  • Am I prisoner to my business or my career?
  • Do I find that there’s just not enough time to do the things that matter the most to me?
  • Am I working too much “in” my business and not enough “on” my business?
  • Do I need to slow down and objectively review what’s working and what’s not in my business or career?
  • Do I need greater clarity of direction and goals?
  • Am I overworked and consumed by day-to-day details?
  • Has my productivity and effectiveness declined over the years?
  • Am I letting my loved ones down?