Coaching & Momentum Club

We have a Coaching and Business Momentum Coaching Club that is offered to you so you can get ongoing coaching help. That includes a weekly class on a variety of topics, classes, workbooks, resources and more. This is a membership site where you pay one monthly fee and  classes and coaching are free!

The TSE Coaching and Business Momentum Club is a resource-rich community for entrepreneurs, small business owners and special event professionals! It conveniently contains all the necessary information, resources, templates and intellectual property you need to avoid costly pitfalls and implement powerfully effective strategies to build a flourishing business!

The TSE  Coaching and Business Momentum Club offers a unique approach to leadership mentoring and we provide the training ground for people who are driven to succeed in the small business world. Unlike other small business coaching organizations that are based on hype and unrealistic expectations, this one-of-a-kind coaching club delivers on its promise to help you achieve SUCCESS!! We work with you and empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to transform yourself into the powerful, successful and respected leader that you should be.

You’ll learn proven techniques, methods, and strategies that successful business owners have used for years to create success… and make their hopes, dreams and goals come true! But it doesn’t stop there: This amazing coaching club takes it a step further. We not only provide the tools to success, we also show you how to use them. We break down marketing jargon into simple language that you can understand and empower you with the knowledge, understanding, and ability to take your business, team or business to the next level!

This One-Of-A-Kind Leadership Coaching Club:

  • Is readily adaptable to your unique small business situation
  • Drives right to the core of your individual leadership needs
  • Is an all-in-one package that covers all aspects of helping others
  • Is unlike any other coaching program available today

Here’s A Sneak-Peak At What You’ll Get:

  • Articles specially selected for their value to you as a leader, manager or business owner
  • Practical Tips and useful ideas from other leaders and managers
  • Free ebooks
  • How-to Videos answering your questions
  • Links to some of our favorite resources
  • Special Bonuses and opportunities
  • A whole series of Coaching Modules
  • Reports & business forms
  • Worksheets and
  • Audio programs

You Will Have Access To These Membership Benefits:

  1. One Open Q&A Call Per Month With Me (Get ALL Your Questions Answered AND Learn From Others)
  2. Once-a-Month Special Topic LIVE CALLS With Me Interviewing Hand-Picked Experts in Business and Personal Success
  3. Online Recordings of all Calls
  • Get unlimited, unrestricted access to one of the largest databases of small business Tools in the world, one of the most powerful instruments in any small business arsenal. You’ll have access to dozens of success-tested tools at your fingertips to use with clients to optimize outcomes and enhance your performance.
  • Receive our Marketing eBook  This is the flagship ebook for a small business professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to the next level and making the transition from surviving to thriving. The Successful Entrepreneur guides you through the process of building a successful business over a 12-month period. It includes all the powerful breakthrough marketing strategies from leading entrepreneurs and coaches.
  • Access to the small business community’s database of resources, including branding & niche strategies; advertising & brochure templates; client conversion systems; sales letters; income building techniques; business automation tools; database systems; procedures; and MUCH MORE.
  • Get access to some of the leading business coaches and experts and their extensive wealth of knowledge and experience. Our unique coaching program allows you to rub shoulders with an elite group of mentors and pick the brains of some of most admired players in small business.
  • Gain members-only admittance to Your Success Network, where you can connect and work with other entrepreneurs and professionals while referring each other for business!
  • Listen to Success Radio, an exciting radio broadcast discussing the latest small business topics, trends and news.
  • Join in tele forums on topical issues led by some of the countries exciting entrepreneurs.
  • Gain access to the small business Blogs, which offer a unique perspective on the latest small business trends and strategies.
  • Join in on Special Privilege Interviews with insightful entrepreneurs where they’ll reveal their most closely guarded secrets that have led to their extraordinary success.
  • Get access to eBooks and eCourses by leading coaches and coaching organizations.
  • Be invited to join special Teleclasses where you’ll learn breakthrough techniques and hone your professional skills.
  • Members Only Special Bonus Offers
  • Members Only Forums

How Will You Benefit From A Coaching & A Momentum Club

Support, Inspirtation & A Variety of Things That Will Propel You Forward! Coaching saves you an enormous amount of time by helping you avoid all the costly trial and error mistakes you would be making if you were doing things on your own. Instead of spending years figuring it out yourself, Ill help you avoid the pitfalls most people succumb to by giving you solid career advice and direction. Since you wont be buying worthless career tools and resources or falling prey to scam artists, coaching also saves you untold amounts of money. You wont need to spend money unnecessarily experimenting with different techniques or strategies to find out what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I’m here. I’m in the career-building business! My objective is to teach you how to move quickly from where you are to where you want to be. To get real results and achieve SUCCESS!!

Membership Has Its Privileges

  • Gain clarity on your career direction
  • Receive helpful insight into your marketing message
  • Obtain feedback regarding your projects
  • Become accountable for implementing and taking real action in your career
  • Learn how to create, build, and nurture long-term relationships and expand your network
  • Ensure you stand out from the crowd and attract greater success by becoming visible and creating buzz

The Leadership Coaching Club:

  • Allows you to be more cost-effective and efficient with your time
  • Is a guaranteed strategy for success
  • Is inexpensive and results-driven
  • Stands apart from other coaching and mentoring programs on the market today
  • Provides you with a blueprint to becoming the absolute best leader that you can possibly be

If you’re ready to begin learning the strategies and techniques to transform you into a successful small business leader, then you can’t afford to waste another minute to get started on your journey to success!

Please  contact us at and to become a member.