For Coaches

Do you want to grow your practice?
Do you need to know where and how to get clients quickly?
Do you want to charge what you’re worth?
Do you want to double your income?
You have found the answer!

Building a profitable coaching practice/company and to discuss, learn and understand the business of coaching. The primary emphasis is upon building and/or expanding a profitable sustainable and scalable coaching practice/company.

Do you need more clients? Higher-paying clients? To make more money with less effort? Finding clients doesn’t have to be a struggle! With our system and the support, your business can thrive and grow like never before!

About Me

Your Marketing Coach Specialist

The TSE Coaching Group is a specialist in marketing & growth coaching for coaches, authors and speakers. We have over 25 years of experience in the fields of coaching, writing, speaking, marketing, public relations and special events that help you create better results!  Our proven coaching system, paperwork, marketing and processes help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

We provide our clients with a unique and proven strategic marketing process that delivers high-end results. We help our clients drive their success and balance their lives. Learn more about our coaching services and how we can help you to earn more money while working less.

Do You Need Coaching?

Business Coaching is exciting, challenging, focused, and a very creative partnership between you and your business coach. Business Coaching is about preparing you for your business now and for the future. It’s about helping you define your goals and achieving them. You know your business better than anyone else, but I will help you focus and stay focused on growing your business and reaching your goals.

How will You Feel When We’re Working Together?

– Supported
– Encouraged
– Inspired
– Motivated
– Listened to
– Understood
– Confident
– Successful

…and filled with new ideas to take your business where you dream it can go!

The process is simple:

We analyze your current situation, identify your needs and goals, we create a plan to get from here to there, and track your progress along the way, making necessary adjustments.  We help you with resources, support systems and information. Working with The TSE Coaching Group is like hiring a business partner.  You’ll have somebody to help brainstorm, make key decisions, and keep you accountable. We also work together in a way that is interesting, exciting and goal oriented. We want you to see your progress in your life, your business and your bank account!

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Together, we will find your unique niche, establish your brand and position in the market, and develop the contact strategies (web marketing, networking, workshops, talks, writing, newsletters, social marketing, etc.) that will work best for you,

Benefits of Working Together

This one’s last but not least, as the saying goes. To be successful in a coaching business, you need business success coaching. I will provide you with all that you want to provide for others–help with strategy, illumination of your blind spots, and accountability to make sure you actually take the actions to make your business a success.

  1. Set well defined Goals
  2. Focus on the priorities
  3. Discuss your ideas and generate new ones
  4. Improve problem solving and decision-making
  5. Balance your time better
  6. Maintain your motivation and confidence
  7. Create a balanced and fulfilling life
  8. You can focus your efforts and energy better
  9. The level of risk in making business decisions is reduced
  10. Positive progress is achieved more quickly

What I Offer You

We help our client coaches make a better living doing what they love. We know that you went into business for yourself for a reason. You saw that it would get you something you wanted — control over your time, a better working environment, more money, the possibility of passive income, using your talents, sharing your vision, changing the world — whatever it was.

But if you don’t have clients, or don’t have enough of them, you’re not getting what you want — you’re not helping enough people, doing enough of what you love, earning enough to feel secure, having more control over your life.

The purpose of The TSE coaching & Marketing system is to help you get what you want in life by making your business more successful, and to do that with as little struggle as possible. That’s what we want for you.

When you work with me as your business coach, you’ll not only gain the advantage of using this proven sales and marketing system, you’ll also get:

  1. Clarity about your business and marketing objectives
  2. Practical support to solve problems and eliminate obstacles
  3. Marketing expertise to help you make an effective action plan
  4. Skill-building in marketing, selling, and business management
  5. Perspective on your challenges and feedback on your ideas
  6. Accountability to keep you focused on your goals and on track with your plans

Here’s what I help my clients do:

  1. Get clear about your mission and what you want to accomplish
  2. Evaluate your business concept and design a sustainable business model
  3. Develop your leadership qualities and management skills
  4. Solve problems, eliminate obstacles, and avoid pitfalls
  5. Overcome fear, procrastination, and self-doubt
  6. Locate resources, make connections, and build alliances
  7. Set realistic goals and make effective action plans
  8. Gain perspective, get feedback, and discover new ideas
  9. Stay true to your mission and on track with your plans
  10. Practical visioning, strategy, and planning
  11. Developing your potential as a leader, manager, and entrepreneur
  12. Marketing tactics, tools, skills, and messaging
  13. Business models, funding mechanisms, and finding capital
  14. Product and program design and development
  15. Learning attitudes and habits that lead to success
  16. Envisioning, designing and getting inspired by your ideal practice that is deeply aligned to who you are.
  17. Identifying your niche or ideal clients – that place where you are called to make a difference – and learning what they really need you for, and why you are a much better solution than what they are trying now. (Finding out where your unique passions and strengths meet your market’s greatest need.)
  18. Learning how to develop your programs and content, and how to package, price and position yourself in the market with a variety of service offerings. (So you have more services to offer your clients.)
  19. Learning which of the many proven marketing strategies – that with full integrity and authenticity – will help you best raise your profile and connect with your ideal clients. (Which will vary depending on your personality, experience, where you live and who you want to work with.)
  20. Identifying and moving past your blind spots, doubts and fears, that keep you where you are. (We all have them.)
  21. Leveraging your time and learning the most powerful and proven practices of the most successful coaches.
  22. Learning how to work “on” your business as opposed to simply “in” it. (Thinking and acting like a masterful coach and successful business owner.)
  23. Exploring a range of advanced marketing, sales and web marketing topics to help you.
  24. Exploring passive income possibilities.
  25. …and much, much more!!

    Why Hire Me

    • I am an experienced coach, so I understand a variety of small  businesses.
    • I am an experienced marketing and sales expert so I understand how to help you get more business!
    • I understand how to help you charge what you’re worth.
    • I have forms, letters, marketing pieces and templates.
    • I already have B2B and B2A prospect leads to share with you.
    • I’ve created an easy weekly system to follow.
    • I’m affordable.
    • I’m easy to work with.
    • I cut to the chase to achieve your goals and dreams.
    • In a few weeks your business will be growing & thriving!