Group Coaching Programs

Achieve Your Goals &

Produce Great Results with Others!

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress towards your business goals?
Do you feel that you could be more effective, productive and successful if only you could be more focused and held accountable?
Do you want business coaching but need lower fees?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Group Business Coaching could be the answer you’ve been looking for!!!

Who are these coaching groups for?

They are for the entrepreneurs, self employed, solo-preneurs, small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to achieve specific goals, get more things done in their business and accelerate results. Its for you, if you enjoy and benefit from being part of a group working towards their goals and without the financial commitment of one-to-one coaching.

It can be tough working on your own and too easy to delay important tasks, procrastinate or being busy but getting nowhere fast. One of the top reasons business people don’t get the results they want from their business is lack of focus and accountability.

Many people also find it frustrating, without like-minded people to brainstorm with, share ideas, even just someone to cheer you on. Also, many of us need an outside perspective to see clearly what is going on as we are usually too close to our own business.

This is where online group coaching can be a huge benefit!

What Is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is where you receive business coaching as part of a group. You get coaching from the business coach facilitating the group and the opportunity to collaborate with like minded business people. Through working with the business coach and other business owners possibly from different industries you will discover new perspectives, strategies and ways of doing things.

As part of the group coaching process you will learn and get value from the coaching you receive along with benefiting from the coaching others in the group receive. This can be particularly beneficial as someone else in the group may have brought up something you haven’t even considered. You learn from others experiences, feedback and different points of view as there are other people in the group who may have a better idea, more experience or simply a different way of looking at the problem.

What Can Group Coaching Offer you?

It will:

  • Sharpen your mindset and focus so that you are getting the highest pay-off tasks done regularly and your business income increases.
  • Help you not to feel alone or overwhelmed
  • Help you to follow through with taking actions that will help your business grow in leaps and bounds
  • Offer accountability to both the coach and the other people you’re working with so you become more effective and stay on track.
  • Provide an outside perspective to identify what needs to change to see stronger growth in your business.
  • Help you with managing your time and prioritizing your responsibilities and duties so that you raise your game
  • Provide you with motivation and support while you work towards achieving your goals.
  • Help you easily find answers or direction quickly
  • Give you the benefits of business coaching with much lower costs than individual coaching.
  • Help develop long lasting relationships and business contacts that could help your business in many ways.
  • Keep you focused day to day, provide accountability, and ensure that every day is a day of progress.
  • Help you to explore and tackle any difficult business and personal problems that show up.
  • And all from the comfort of your home or office at a convenient time for you.

How does it work?

The group coaching runs from 4-12 weeks depending on the topic of the group and consists of 10-15 other small business owners and entrepreneurs, along with the business coach. On the first session, each member of the group sets the goal they want to achieve, considers any possible obstacles and how they will overcome them, and determines the action they will take on a daily basis. You make a commitment to spending 15-30 minutes each week day working on your goals. Of course, you can do more than this if you want to!

Each week you will access to your group and can report in with your progress so that you are accountable to both your coach and your group, and respond to the coaching questions set. You can read what your other group members answered for these questions and you’re welcome to offer encouragement, congratulations, feedback, and your own ideas or experience.

The coach will also offer you encouragement, feedback and insight to keep you on track.
You can ask questions, have a discussion, provide encouragement or have a brainstorming session with other members on the group’s private message board. The coach will also participate in these discussions and help with the group’s cohesion, setting the appropriate tone.

At the end of the 4 weeks this particular group coaching session is complete and if you want to continue with the group for a further month, this starts the following week. Unless you cancel your subscription, you are enrolled in the next session with the same group members to continue with the goals you were working on or to start on a new goal.

When does it start?

The next group often starts each new season and the date will be confirmed shortly.

What are the fees?

The fee differ depending on how long the workshop is for that specific group but we pride ourselves on being very affordable.