Lunch n Learns Podcast

Our Lunch N Learn Podcast Program

Business coaching for small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, solopreneurs, women and boomers are one hour Lunch N Learn Podcast Programs that are to help you learn topics that will help you live the life of your dreams.

Our Lunch N Learn Podcast Program has the ability to work wonders in the growth of your company. It is adapted to apply to everyday life, and can take place each week for 15 minutes.

The Lunch N Learn Podcast Program is all about Motivation, Marketing, Sales and Small Business Topics. has the ability to work wonders in helping you grow your company! It is adapted to apply to everyday life, and can take place at an hour that best suits your schedule
When your team learns together, they grow together. Lunch-n-Learn sessions (short, 15 minute  focused learning topics) are a great way to bring your team together for quality education, team building while eating a “virtual” lunch. Our short courses are designed to help motivate educate and Inspire you!

While we can offer a wide variety of topics, here are some favorites:

Having Fun Setting Up Your Goals!

Motivational Mondays– Let’s Get Your Week Off To A Great Start!

Let’s Get You Unstuck Together!

Making Marketing Easy Year After Year

Creating You Lead Gen Pipeline

Why Having A CRM Will Change Your Business

Handling Objections & Closing Sales Quickly!

Welcome!! Enjoy 100’s of other success oriented entrepreneurs who want to feel excited and motivated each week. The know they are not alone. We’re a community of like minded small business people that want to feel positive and excited about their business. It’s a fantastic way to start your week! We’re looking forward to “seeing” you there!

To Join Us please go to our website and sign up to get an invitation. You will get our phone number and call in pin. You will also get access to our recordings.