My Signature Coaching Program

Get Clients Anytime

If you’re struggling to make a steady income as a freelancer because you can’t get enough clients – or if you want to get better paying clients by providing them with more visitors than they can handle – this is one webinar and workshop you don’t want to miss.

In this workshop, we will cover tips and techniques for having a customized plan for your business so you have a steady stream of clients where you can control the amount of business you’re doing. Take the worry out of having enough business and keep it that way!

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Are you experiencing one or more of these chronic small business challenges?

  • You’re so busy working “in” the business” that you’ve lost sight of what you want your business to become or how to make that vision a reality. You’re so wrapped up in the day to day “stuff”, that the energy, passion and purpose you once felt is gone. You make decisions by the seat of your pants, often with no consideration of their long term impact. Goals are soon abandoned as dealing with the day to day minutia and problems take up all your time and attention. Employees have little sense of urgency or commitment.
  • Time seems “un”manageable. You’re working too hard, too long and accomplishing too little. You’re spinning from one thing to the next. You start projects, but don’t finish them. You have no time to think as interruptions and distractions sap your focus and energy. You see interesting, lucrative opportunities slip through your fingers because you can’t handle what’s already on your plate. There never seems to be time for you.
  • You’re not earning enough and need more of the “right kind” of clients or projects. You don’t charge enough. You are bored or frustrated with the work you’re currently doing. You are overworked and underpaid. Cash flow is tight, business finances are confusing and you’re not sure how to be more profitable.

I’ve created a 12 Week Signature Coaching Program

With This Specific Program You will:

* Create the business and life you desire with total clarity

* Experience increased performance & new skillsets

* A step-step action plan and timeline to get you to your vision & goals

* Motivation, organization and great time management

*Stress reduction and tools to handle your feelings

* A support team that will stand behind you


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