Bonus – Private Facebook Group

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group For Get Clients Anytime –

This group is for you to get to know other members, share ideas, get support, ask questions etc. I hope you utilize the power of the group, enjoy new relationships and get support when you need it. Enjoy!

Click here to join the Group Coaching Success Private Facebook Group


Since you are new to this group please create a new post and introduce yourself:

Use the hashtag #Intro in your post.

=> Your Name
=> What you do
=> Where You Live
=> Tell Us a Little About Why you got into this group.

Here’s an example: My name is Mary Brown and I run a company called ABC Inc. I am a happy, online event strategist for entrepreneurs who want to use special events to create a business that is not only wildly creative but profitable. You can learn more about my business if you’d like by going to ABCINC .net. Feel free to ask me anything about online stuff. I’ll geek out getting so excited to help you with it! My marketing efforts have been pretty random and I want to create a system that I can use year after year–along with being able to control the number of prospect, clients and income I create. I live in Sarasota Florida. Personally my home is run by 2 kids, 2 dogs and my addiction to dark chocolate. 

We are excited to get to know you!

You can also use the Facebook Group…

=> to connect with the other awesome folks in the Group Coaching Success Community.

=> to proactively reach out to form mastermind groups or accountability partnerships.

=> to ask questions and request feedback.

=> to share a win or a challenge.

=>to share a resource, article or story related to group coaching that you feel would be relevant to the group members (no affiliate links)

Please Do NOT use the Facebook Group to:

=>  post stories, pictures, articles not related to this specific group – Get Clients Anytime!

=> promote other peoples products or programs.  No affiliate links.