Raves & Reviews

My team and I are grateful and humbled by the raves and reviews we’ve gotten over the years. We love our clients and this work Here are a few samples. 

Thank you so very much for the time and care that you gave to me and my business. You were wonderfully patient and you made me feel inspired and important when I was lost. The new servives you suggested changed everything for me and really tied everything I do together. That makes such an encouraging and uplifting difference! Your professionalism and advice were awesome! You helped me understand the simple changes I could make to grow my business. Knowing that I can take what I’m learning and you will be there to help me apply the information is what gives me the confidence to move forward.  Renee Smith Ocean City NJ


I am a chiropractor  to the industry in Chester County and. I really don’t enjoy marketing tasks that are needed to grow a small business like mine.  There are so many choices and Terrie seems to have the knack for creating a great combination that makes sense financially while attracting the kinds of patients that I can really help. She is kind, compassionate and talented. Mostly she is patient with me and I know I can always turn to her. Over 10 years ago, I searched for a coaching and marketing company that can help us grow and I found her and we were lucky enough to find The TSE Marketing and Coaching Group. To say she has made my marketing easier is an understatement.  Dr Resnick, Resnick Chiropractic. Lionville Pa


Terrie is someone you can trust with your goals and ideas.  Terrie and her team are an absolutely fantastic addition to my company. They consistently go the extra mile and yet always affordable coaching and marketing and event ideas! They are creative, hard-working, detail oriented and are consistent about following-up! These things are qualities that every entrepreneur needs  but you rarely find all those things in one place. Trish F….Eagles fly For Leukemia… Philadelphia Pa


Terrie is a very skilled marketing professional and business coach. She is very good at seeing what you don’t say, is task-oriented, and shows initiative to get the details done right and on time. She thinks things through step-by-step to achieve the goals we’ve set together. We are proud to highly recommend Terrie Annechino and The TSE Marketing and Coaching Group! We wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did at the speed we did without her!     Bob Arden… Promotional Products and Events


Terrie has been a great asset to my business. Her strong special event and marketing support has exploded our business growth and members happiness. She contributes frequently in creative theme ideas and unlike other planners she
 works easily with other vendors which is a rarity in the world of special events. She has been a great coach and has been my biggest supporter as I grow my career in this industry. Scott Miller…. Hershey Mills Country Club





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