Womens Coaching

Are you Bored? Restless? Not sure what your goals and dreams are now or if you can life a fulfilling second half? Wondering if there’s more to life? Do you feel stuck? Uncertain what the next steps are? Like many women at midlife (50 plus), you may find yourself stuck between “been there, done that” and “now what?”
The key to getting unstuck – the true secret to living your dream life with purpose and joy – lies within you. Let’s create your second half of life that is one that makes all your goals and dreams come true!

I have empowered hundreds of women to take the journey of re-discovering themselves at middle age, as they reinvent their lives. Most felt like they were drifting or stuck – just the way you may feel right now. I know from experience how they found themselves moving forward to write exciting new chapters while they turned their lives into exciting adventures!The midlife turning point presents amazing opportunities for dreams, goals, love, growth and new beginnings!